China Guodian Corporation


China Guodian Corporation is one of the five largest integrated power generation corporations in China. It mainly engaged in the development, operation and management of power (heat) generation assets. It is also involved in coal, new energy equipment manufacturing, high-tech power generation equipment manufacturing, finance and logistics. By 2013, the total installed generation capacity reached 122,790MW, including 92,270MW of Coal-fired, 12,570MW of Hydropower, 17,330MW of Wind Power and 610MW Solar Generation. The renewable generation accounts for 24.8% of total installed capacity.

By 2013, the total assets reached 118.36 bn USD and sale revenue reached 37.5 bn USD, ranking No. 299 in Fortune Global 500. On 7th July 2014, Fortune China published Fortune Global 500, and China Guodian ranked No. 297.

Convinced that innovation is an essential investment in the future, China Guodian attaches great importance to the R&D of generation related technology. It owns 4 national labs, 3 R&D institutions, 7 technical R&D centers. It also forged valuable partnerships with prestigious universities and academic institutions, such as MIT and the University of New South Wales.

There are 4 listed companies in Chinese stock Exchange: GD Power Development Co. Ltd, Guodian Changyuan Power Development Co. Ltd, Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Energy Resources Co. Ltd, and Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co. Ltd.

There are 2 companies in Hong Kong Exchange: China Longyuan Power Group Corporation (00916.HK) and Guodian Technology & Environment Group Gorporation (01296.HK).


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