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Corporate Profile

The Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) was founded in September 2011. We provide comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing, consulting, civil works construction to M&E installation and manufacturing services in the fields of hydropower, thermal power, new energy and infrastructure. Our business also extends into real estate, investment, finance, and O&M services.

The vision of POWERCHINA is to become a top global enterprise in renewable energy and the development of hydropower resources, a key player in the infrastructure sector, and a driving force in China’s power and water conservancy industries, as well as an important participant in real estate development and operations.

POWERCHINA boasts world-leading EPC services in the development of hydropower, water works, thermal power, new energy, and transmission and distribution projects, in addition to the achievements in the fields of infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, real estate and investment.

POWERCHINA has world-class construction capacity, including the annual capacity of 300 million m3 of earth and rock cutting, 30 million m3 concrete placement, 15,000 MW of installation of turbine-generator units, 1-million-ton of metal fabrication works, 5-million m3 of foundation grouting as well as 540,000 m3 of construction of impervious walls.

POWERCHINA possesses state-of-the-art technology in dam engineering and construction, installation of turbine-generator units, foundation design, investigation and construction of extra large underground caverns, investigation, engineering and treatment of high earth/rock slopes, dredging and hydraulic fill works, construction of runways in airports, design and construction of thermal and hydropower plants, design and installation of power grids, and related equipment and hydraulic machinery.

POWERCHINA also has first-class capacity of scientific and technological innovation in hydropower, thermal power, and power transmission and transformation.

By the end of 2014, POWERCHINA had total asset of USD 66.6 billion, annual revenue of USD 42.4 billion and 200,000 employees. By the end of 2014, POWERCHINA performed 1517 overseas contracts in the fields of engineering construction, design consultation and equipment manufacturing in 108 countries.

POWERCHINA ranked 390th in the Fortune 500 in 2012, the 354th in 2013 and the 313th in 2014.


Global Presence and Overseas Branches

POWERCHINA is one of China’s biggest multinationals, owning multiple brands of high reputation worldwide. By the end of 2012, POWERCHINA had formed 148 overseas branches in 71 countries: 52 in Africa, 74 in Asia, 16 in the Americas, 5 in Europe, and 1 in Oceania. We have more than 60,000 employees working overseas on 728 projects in 72 countries

Overseas brands

POWERCHINA owns international brands of high reputation worldwide, such as SINOHYDRO, HYDROCHINA, SEPCO,SEPCO III, and HYPEC. In 2013, Sinohydro ranked the 14th in ENR Top 250 Global Contractors and the 20th in ENR Top 250 International Contractors; HYDROCHINA ranked the 15th in ENR Top 150 Global Design Firms and the 59th in ENR Top 225 International Design Firms; SEPCO III ranked the 121th in ENR Top 250 Global Contractor and ranked the 54rd in ENR Top 250 International Contractors; SEPCO ranked the 91st in ENR Top 250 Global Contractors and 61th in ENR Top 250 International Contractors.


Overseas Business

Hydropower and Water Conservation

Bakun Plant, Malaysia

The Bakun Hydropower Plant is located on the Balui River, in the Belaga division of Sarawak, Malaysia, with the studies, design, construction, and installation all done by POWERCHINA. The 2,400-MW Bakun operation began in 2011, with a concrete face rock-fill dam 205 meters high and 740 meters in length at the crest.

Coca Codo-Sinclair (CCS) Hydropower Plant, Ecuador

The CCS Hydropower Plant, in Ecuador, is the largest overseas EPC power project ever undertaken by a Chinese company and has an installed capacity of 1500 MW.

POWERCHINA involvement:1500 MW EPC + financing

Merowe Hydropower Project, Sudan

The Merowe Hydropower Project is on the Nile River, in Sudan and has a 10-km-long earth and rock dam with a 290-m x 44.5-m powerhouse. Its installed capacity reaches 1,250 MW. It has auxiliary facilities and 21,511-ton metal structure.

Tekeze Hydropower Plant, Ethiopia

The Tekeze Hydropower Plant, in Ethiopia, is located on the upper reaches of the Tekeze. Work on it was completed in March 2010. It is a double curvature concrete dam with a maximum dam height of 185 m and a total installed capacity of 300 MW.

POWERCHINA involvement: construction, installation

Kamchay Hydropower Plant, Cambodia

The Kamchay Hydropower Plant in Cambodia, invested by POWERCHINA, has a total installed capacity of 194.1 MW. Work on it was completed in November 2011, with an annual output of as much as 498 GWh.

POWERCHINA involvement: investment,technical study, design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance.

Nam Ngum 5, Laos

The Nam Ngum 5, in Laos, has an installed capacity of 120MW and was backed by POWERCHINA for a period of 25 years.

POWERCHINA involvement: investment,technical study, design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance.

Bui Hydropower Station, Ghana

Installed Capacity: 400MW

POWERCHINA involvement: 400 MW EPC + financing

Palito Thermal Power Plant, Venezuela

The Palito Thermal Power Plant in Venezuela has an installed capacity of 772 MW and uses diesels and natural gases as fuel.


Thermal Power

Nagan Raya Nad Thermal Power Plant, Indonesia

Installed capacity: 220 MW

POWERCHINA involvement: 220 MW EPC contractor

Jharsuguda Thermal Power Plant, India

Installed capacity: 6 x 600 MW

POWERCHINA involvement: 6 x 600 MW Contractor

Nigeria Papalanto Thermal Power Plant

Installed capacity: 336 MW

POWERCHINA involvement: EPC contractor

Elgaili Combined Cycle Power Station, Sudan

Capacity: 2 x 206 B

POWERCHINA involvement: construction

Rabigh Thermal Power Plant (Saudi Arabia)

Installed capacity: 2 x 660 MW

POWERCHINA involvement: 2 x 660 EPC contractor


New Energy

Adama Wind Farm, Ethiopia

Installed capacity: 51 MW

POWERCHINA involvement: 51 MW EPC + financing

Completion date: December 2012


Power Transmission and Distribution

Bakun-Similajau Power Transmission Project, Malaysia

Two 275 KV transmission lines from the Bakun switchyard via the Similajau substation to an aluminum smelter, for a total length of 281.5 km.

Involvement: construction, installation



Koh Puos Bridge, Cambodia

Length: 900 m; width: 12 m.

Emali-Oloitokitok Road, Kenya

Total length: 100.5 km, with four bridges and 30 culverts.

Angola Stadium, Angola

Angola Stadium, built by POWERCHINA by EPC in Benguela, Angola, was one of four major sports venues for the 2010 Africa Cup.

The contract was signed on Dec 18, 2007 and the stadium was officially handed over on Dec 19, 2009, well before the Africa Cup opening ceremony on Jan 10, 2010.

Seating: 35,000

POWERCHINA involvement: EPC + fiancing

Completion date: December 2009

Congo Kinshasa Hospital

Kinshasa Hospital is a 5-story building with 450 beds, on 40,000 m2 of land.

POWERCHINA involvement: EPC



Khammouan Cement Plant, Laos

Production capacity: 2,500 t/ day

Total cost: $29 million

Concession time: 36 years

Construction period: 2007-2010

Potash Plant, Laos

Production capacity: 120,000 t/year

Total cost: $100 million

Africa Greatwall Cement Plant, Mozambique

Production capacity: 1,500 t/day

Total cost: $88.40 million

Construction period: 2011-2013


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