CGN Power: Ningde-3 Available for Commercial Operation


On June 10, CGN Power (stock code: 1816.HK) published an announcement, stating that Unit 3 of Ningde NPP owned by CGN Power has completed all the commissioning activities on this day and available for commercial operation. Generally, after relevant formalities are completed, the aforesaid date will be deemed as the date when the unit is put into commercial operation. And this is also the second nuclear power unit available for commercial operation within one week after Unit 2 of Yangjiang NPP met commercial operation conditions on June 5.

Ningde NPP is the first nuclear power project constructed at the west coast of China, and the planned gross installed capacity of the project is comprised of 6 megawatt nuclear power units. Among them, Units 1,2,3,4 adopt 1089 MWe CPR1000 technology, an improved pressurized water reactor technology of self-own brand in China. Unit 3 started construction on January 8, 2010 and completed commissioning tasks following the first grid connection, and then it was available formally for commercial operation on June 10.

Now Ningde NPP has 3 units in operation and 1 unit under construction. Adhering to the basic principle of “Safety First, Quality Foremost and Pursuit of Excellence”, the 11 indicators of Units 1/2 of Ningde NPP reached the world top 1/4 advanced level of the world (nine among the top 1/10 excellent level) among the 18 WANO performance indicators measuring the operation conditions. The chemical indicator of Unit 2 is more remarkable as it is the first unit in China that reached the world’s advanced level in the first year of commercial operation.

The NPP brings significant environmental benefits. As estimated, compared with the same size of coal-fired power station, the 3 units of Ningde NPP are equivalent to an annual reduction of about 7.8 million tons of standard coal consumption, 19 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 180,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 120,000 tons of nitrogen oxide, and equivalent to 51,000 hectares of forest in respect of environmental benefits. As the units of Ningde NPP are successively put into operation for generation, they have ensured steady supply of green energy to Fujian Province and promoted sustainable development of economy, society and environment of Fujian Province.

After Unit 3 of Ningde NPP meets the conditions of commercial operation, CGN Power by far has owned 13 units that are in operation and qualified for commercial operation, with the installed capacity up to 13,800,000 kW, and 10 units that are under construction, with the installed capacity up to 12,290,000 kW. There are up to 12 nuclear power units under construction managed by CGN Power together with the Fangchenggang NPP under the management of CGN Power as entrusted by the controlling shareholder-CGN, with the gross installed capacity up to 14,450,000KW. Besides, the construction of Unit 5 of Hongyanhe NPP owned by CGN Power has been formally commenced on March 29, marking the restart of nuclear power development in China.


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