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Company Profile Introduction

YUDEAN Group is one young enterprise with centennial historical inheritance.

The history of YUDEAN Group dates back to 1880s. The palace for Governor General of Guangdong and Guangxi was lit by the first light in Guangdong in 1888; patriotic overseas Chinese established the first national capital light company in Guangzhou in 1890. The Government of Guangdong Province initiated electrical power system reform on August 8, 2001, which was the first move nationwide. YUDEAN Group was built by inheriting power generation business of former Guangdong Electric Power Group. With registered capital of 21.5 billion yuan and currently 13,000 employees, the Company is the strongest, largest power generation enterprise in Guangdong Province, with 76% and 24% shares held by People’s Government of Guangdong Province and China Huaneng Group respectively.

As of the end of 2013, total assets of the Company amounted to 129 billion yuan; power plants wholly owned and controlled by the Company had installed capacity of 26,861,600 KW, among which there were 14 power plants with installed capacity above one million KW; currently, the Company wholly owns, controls and participates in more than 140 organizations, and exercises control over listed company — Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd (Guangdong Electric Power). The Company’s business involves thermal power, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, LNG power generation, biomass power generation, photovoltaic power generation etc, covering the whole Guangdong Province, and is actively extended to areas outside Guangdong Province and foreign countries. In recent years, the Company has energetically implemented relevant diversified development strategy, continuously optimized industrial structure, and has made breakthroughs in the fields of coal, shipping, natural gas, finance and environmental protection etc, and has stretched industry chain to the upstream and downstream of main business, thus effectively enhancing core value. The Company has been listed as excellent performer in provincial state-owned asset operation responsibility system evaluation for twelve consecutive years; the Company was ranked No.200 and No.19 among top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 500 Guangdong enterprises respectively in 2013.

Along with supply of safe, economical and reliable power to the society, YUDEAN Group also actively assumes social responsibility, attentively creates green energy for its sustainable development. YUDEAN Group launches clean production in power plants within the system in the whole process in an all-round way, continuously reduces pollutant discharge indicators. Currently, all coal-fired power plants of YUDEAN Group have been provided with supporting desulfurization facilities for reducing 0.4-million-ton sulfur dioxide discharge each year; all coal-fired generating sets to be newly built will be supported by efficient desulfurization and denitration equipments; denitration project reconstruction in most of existing generating sets has been completed.

With the strategy for building a domestic first-class energy group with international competiveness which is based in Guangdong Province, establishes presence nationwide, expands international market with energy as the core and coordinated development of relevant industries, YUDEAN Group will be committed to enterprise philosophy of “achieving harmonious co-existence, innovating while keeping integrity” and enterprise mission of “benefiting both the country and people with great virtue and kindness”, and strives to become the first state-owned aircraft carrier with total asset and annual operating revenue above 100 billion yuan in Guangdong Province and courageously forges ahead for new great-leap-forward development.


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