Hareon Solar Received Qualification Certificate of Overseas Project Contracting of the People’s Republic of China


On June 12, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hareon Solar, Jiangyin Hareon Power Co., Ltd, received Qualification Certificate of Overseas Project Contracting of the People’s Republic of China which was authorized and issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu Province. The certificate shall accelerate the company’s overseas power station project investment and development in countries such as India, Pakistan, USA, Tunisia and Morocco in 2015. It also symbolized the company’s transition into an engineering procurement construction (EPC) contractor who would further explore its overseas projects market.

According to the Measures for Administration of Foreign Project Contracting Qualification issued by Chamber of Commerce and Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department (Order 9, 2009), companies that have received Qualification Certificate of Overseas Project Contracting of the People’s Republic of China is permitted to participate in overseas construction projects including consulting, prospecting, designing, supervising, bidding, budgeting, procuring, executing, installing, fine-tuning, operating, managing and undertake related overseas construction project contracting.

The acquisition of Qualification Certificate of Overseas Project Contracting of the People’s Republic of China shall accelerate Hareon Solar’s pace of PV construction project undertaking in countries that have diplomatic relationship with China as well as countries that fall under the “One belt, one road” strategy. With the support and referral of Chinese consulate to these countries, Hareon Solar shall obtain domestic and overseas financing more easily, and shall broaden channels for cooperation with both domestic and foreign parties as well as forms of cooperation, including EPC-BT-IPP.

Hareon Solar has launched overseas solar power station development and investment business since the second half of 2011. Hareon has taken a leading role in team building, project construction and investment experience. In past four years, the company benefited from the favorable policies issued by the government that encourage Chinese companies to “Go international” to make foreign investment and undertake foreign construction projects, and co-invested and constructed more than 10 power station projects located in Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK, Japan, USA, etc. Through the three different structures including EPC, BT and self-ownership, Hareon Solar has accumulatively invested in and developed power station projects located in six different countries including China with more than 1GW capacity.

The company has accumulated rich overseas project contracting experience through the constructions of the above mentioned international power station projects, and is qualified under the related regulation on oversea construction contracting management. Hareon Solar has a team of experienced technical as well as management staff and is fully capable to develop and undertake of oversea construction. In the meantime, Hareon Solar has a comprehensive oversea preventive safety mechanism and emergency handling plan which can effectively prevent and deal with various safety issues occurred during project construction. With Hareon’s proper management system in place, construction quality and safety can be well ensured.

Hareon Solar has set up branches in Germany, US, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, South Africa and India currently, and has more than 70 controlling subsidiaries all over the world covering its global network. The company shall continue to take the advantage of its rich resources to increase its market share in oversea power station construction market and put major effort in the development of international construction contracting market in 2015. The company shall follow the international trading framework outlined by “One belt, one road” and execute the strategy of “Go international” in order to continuously improve the overall competitiveness on the international stage.


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