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Company Profile

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited, (“Ming Yang”, NYSE: MY) founded in 2006, was listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) main board on October 1, 2010, ranking 4th at home and 10th in the world. Being committed to design, manufacturing, sale and services of megawatt-class wind turbines and integrated solutions of clean energy, Ming Yang bases itself on China’s fast-growing wind power industry to steadily advance its services all over the world.

Ming Yang established five industry bases in Zhongshan, Tianjin, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu and set up such industry-leading professional research and development institutions as Denmark Wind Energy R&D Center of Europe, North America R&D Center of the USA, Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station and Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Institute of Guangdong Province. It has successively undertaken many major projects of science and technology of the state and Guangdong Province, torch projects and programs for science and technology development, including the “Plan 863″and possesses more than 90 patents.

Giving full play to its technical advantages of “high capacity, high availability and low cost”, Ming Yang, by means of joint exploration, developed 1.5MW series products of independent intellectual property rights that are suitable various wind regimes in China, including Anti-Typhoon models, anti-low temperature models, plateau models, intertidal models, low wind speed models and onshore models. The new-generation super compact drive (SCD) wind turbines were first launched in May, 2010, having formed the industrial scale of 2.5/3.0MW wind turbine. Meanwhile, SCD5.0/6.0MW wind turbines are trial production under development and are in prototyping stage, shaping an industrial system of “producing a generation of product, then storing and developing the generation”.

“Powered by Nature for a Greener Tomorrow” features our cultural essence. With the exploration and accumulation in the first stage of strategic development, Ming Yang is, with new active creativity, speeding up the transformation from a production-oriented manufacturing enterprise into a service-oriented one, and doing its best to advance the growth and progress of world’s clean energy industry, and thus to benefit human society.

Products and Solutions

R&D Strength

Strong independent R&D strength:

  • Original technological development mode of “joint research and development, concurrent engineering”;
  • Internationally advanced and nationally first-class marine engineering R&D team and R&D and application team of carbon fiber       composite blades;
  • International top technology partner-Germany Aerodyn;
  • National first-rate industry-university-research alliance: Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, South China University of Technology, and so on;
  • Integration of global resources of technology, and research and development for setting up international and national top technical R&D platforms (Guangdong Ming Yang Wind Power Institute, Shanghai Offshore Wind Power Research Center, Ming Yang Denmark Research Center, North American Wind Power R&D Center);

R&D Fields

  1. Compatibility R&D of complete machine and wind resource;
  2. Design and optimization of towers;
  3. Intelligent monitoring, fault diagnosis and operation optimization of wind fields;
  4. Grid access and application of energy storage;
  5. Research and development of fiber glass blades and carbon fiber wind turbine blades;
  6. Offshore wind power platform development and engineering application;

Industrial layout

Layout in China

  1. Set up a manufacturing and service base covering major nationwide areas of wind resources;
  2. Invest and operate more than 100 wind fields nationwide, with products suitable to different features and styles of all parts of the country;
  3. Have an eye on the quality wind resources of more than 50 Million kilowatts that can maintain Ming Yang’s future sustainable development .

Expansion Worldwide

  1. Building an international platform that sustains Ming Yang’s medium- and long-term development;
  2. Setting up national and international R&D platforms ((Guangdong Ming Yang Wind Power Institute, Shanghai Offshore Wind Power Research Center, Ming Yang Denmark Research Center, Ming Yang USA Wind Power R&D Center);
  3. Gradually forming wind turbine manufacturing, sale and service system in such regions of Eastern Europe, India, North Africa and North America;

Range of Products

MY 1.5/2.0MW Series Wind Turbine Generator

Based on the conditions of different wind regimes and climatic characteristics, Ming Yang develops 1.5MW series of wind turbine of independent intellectual property rights, which attain the goals of “two high and one low” (namely, high generating capacity, high utilization rate and low cost) while their safety is ensured.

2.5/2.75/3.0MW Series Wind Turbine Generator

SCD (Super Compact Drive) wind turbine generator set is developed by the cooperation of Ming Yang and Germany Aerodyn. Its driving chain consists of the main bearing, bipolar planet gears and a moderate speed generator, featuring light weight, compact volume, low cost and high efficiency.

Wind Solar Storage Power System Integrated Overall Solution

Structural of WSS Units

  • Grid-connected wind power system
  • Grid-connected solar power system
  • Grid-connected energy-storage system
  • Integrated monitoring control system of wind, solar and energy-storage systems

Application fields

Hybrid wind, solar and energy-storage power system, flexible and controllable, produces quality clean energy, which is applicable to the following fields:

(1) Capable of supplying quality clean electric energy to town communities, and villages and towns with a population of 100-300 thousand as an independent substation;

(2) Capable of being power supply to production and living of some large- and medium-sized industrial enterprises;

(3) Capable of being power supply to military industry facilities, military industry locations, border posts, military bases and so on;

(4) Capable of being power supply to islands, outlying areas and so on;

(5) Capable of setting up hybrid wind, solar and energy-storage power stations of larger scale of installed capacity, or centralized or distributed grid-connected power generation of many small- and medium-sized hybrid wind, solar and energy-storage power stations to directly deliver the quality electric energy to the public grid.

Engineering Service

Omnibearing service supporting capacity

A powerful customer service system aiming at “bettering customer satisfaction” was set up to pay attention to customer’s needs in a prompt and all-around way. Then we provide comprehensive, professional and swift service to improve customer satisfaction. The services are mainly as follows:

  1. Technical training service of wind turbines;
  2. Transportation of wind turbines;
  3. Technical guidance on installation of wind turbines and their installation acceptance;
  4. Debugging service of wind generating sets;
  5. Technical service of fault diagnosis and trouble clearing of wind generating sets;
  6. Supply of spare parts for sets’ operation.

Service Standard

  1. Service personnel will state the site to provide 24-hour all-around service in quality guarantee period;
  2. Beyond quality guarantee period, service personnel will be on site in 12 hours when necessary;
  3. Common spare parts delivered to the place within 12 hours, special ones within 36 hours;
  4. Common faults will be rectified within 4 hours, while the special ones within 12-72 hours;
  5. 7/24 real-time monitoring for all wind turbines operation in quality guarantee period;
  6. Lifetime technology upgrading will be provided for products.


Micro-sitting is made at design phase. According to the wind resource map of wind farms and every restrictive condition, the sites of wind turbines will be identified to meet requirements of proprietors and relevant authorities, thus enriching wind farms with better economic benefits. With professional experience and technology, we ensure our customers a wide range of services:

The sites of wind turbines may be finely adjusted in accordance with geomorphological features to ensure the best operation mode;

Downtime of wind turbines may be minimized;

On-line monitoring

SCADA System

SCADA system is a type of remote monitoring software which is independently developed by Ming Yang. Remote logging into the software can attain remote access of wind power plant’s communications to generator sets, thus to realize monitoring, query, call of some data and generation of relevant reports. This is convenient for customers to learn the operation of on-site wind turbines and relevant equipment at remote terminals.

The company now has a total of 62 wind farms whose data gets access to SCADA system. Wind farms equipped with SCADA system cover 16 provinces, cities and regions, that is, 2,996 sets of 1.5MW wind turbines, with total capacity of 4,497MW.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring makes it possible to impose real-time monitoring on the operation of each wind turbine at wind farms that have gotten access to the remote monitoring room, for example, the operation of all wind turbines at Hainan Dongfang Wind Farm.

Business model

Diversified forms of cooperation

  1. Product sale

Ming Yang provides series of customized wind turbines for users.

  1. Financing and leasing

According to customer demands, leasing companies or financial institutions buy Ming Ying wind turbines and then lease them to customers to ease customer’s short-term funding strains and optimize financial structure.

  1. EPC general contracting/turn-key project general contracting

Ming Yang provides design, purchase, transportation, insurance, capital construction, installation, debugging, commissioning for the whole project, and hands over the established wind farm to customer for operation, solves problems for customers in finance, technology, management, etc in the project.

Ming Yang who undertakes the construction of wind farm projects will recover the whole construction cost by staged operation and will hand over the project to customers for overall operation at last, so that customers shoulder no pressure and risks involved.

  1. Other innovative service models

According to market and customer demand, Ming Yang makes full use of its own advantages in industry, capital, finance, technology, qualified personnel and management and offer service in an innovative way to meet the needs, create value and achieve win-win or multilateral wins.


Headquarters Address:Ming Yang Industrial park, 22 Torch Road, Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China




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