Jinping- South of Jiangsu ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project


Jinping- South of Jiangsu ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project entered the list of 2014-2015 National Quality Investment Projects according to the Dept. of Construction of SGCC on April, 15th, 2015.

The selection was based on the National Quality Investment Project Examination Standards, graded by expert reviewing committee and voted by approval committee. 4 projects won the Special Award of National Quality Investment Project and 57 projects won the National Quality Investment Project Award. This award is a national award evaluated by China Investment Association. The project selection focuses on technical and economic indicators, independent innovation ability and comprehensive benefits.

Jinping-South of Jiangsu ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project is the second UHVDC project researched, developed, designed and constructed by SGCC independently. The Project was put into commercial operation in 2012, and has achieved a crucial breakthrough in HVDC technology and equipment, UHVDC equipment independency and HVDC construction ability. The Project links the large hydropower bases in the Southwest with the load centers in the East, efficiently sending out the surplus hydropower from Guandi in Yalong River Basin, Jinping I and II hydropower stations, and Sichuan in flood season. It effectively alleviates the power shortage in Eastern China, especially in Jiangsu Province, and meets the power demands for economic and social development in Yangtze River Delta Area. According to statistics, the Project transmits 36TWh of clean hydropower to Eastern China, equivalent to saving 16,800,000 tons of raw coal and reducing 32,400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Jinping-Sunan Project, via 8 provinces and cities of Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu, takes the responsibility of delivering hydropower of Guandi Hydropower Station in the Yalong River and Jinping I and II Hydropower Stations, as well as Sichuan surplus hydropower in wet period. The total length is 2059 kilometers and the total investment is 22 billion yuan.

The project, with the world’s largest transmission capacity, longest transmission distance and highest voltage level, has raised the UHV DC transmission capacity from 6.4GW to 7.2GW and broke through 2,000 km transmission distance for the first time, creating a new record of UHV DC transmission. After its full operation, it will annually transport 36TWh of power to the East China, having significant economic and environmental benefits in solving the power shortage in dry period and surplus in wet period in Sichuan, a structural contradiction of the area, satisfying the eastern region’s electricity demand for sustained socio-economic development and alleviating increasingly serious ecological environmental issues. On the basis of the UHV DC Demonstration Project, it is the first UHV DC project with 100% domestic set design, promoting the innovative development of the national equipment manufacturing.

Zheng Baosen said that Jinping-Sunan Project’s successful construction was another major breakthrough in China’s DC transmission technology and equipment, further consolidating China’s innovation and leading position in the field of world UHV transmission. It would become another important green energy channel delivering power from the western region to the eastern area. Its successful construction would further consolidate SGCC’s confidence and determination in developing the UHV. SGCC would vigorously transform the grid development mode and accelerate the construction of a Strong and Smart Grid to ensure power grids’ safe and stable operation and reliable electricity supply, making new and greater contributions to the socio-economic development.

Jinping-Sunan Project’s sending converter station is located in highly polluted area with a high altitude and high seismic intensity, setting tougher requirements in construction, technology innovation, equipment and heavy-cargo transportation. Under joint efforts of all involving units, the builders worked hard and carried forward the spirit of “in search of excellence, in pursuit of out-performance”, conquering all difficulties in system research and engineering design, key equipment development, heavy-cargo transportation, equipment installation, on-site construction and system debugging problems. Thus, SGCC has delivered quality project construction and system commissioning with high standard. Equipment contract was signed in March, 2011. Soon after, bipolar low-end power transmission was realized in June, 2012 and bipolar full-voltage power transmission was realized in November. It was a new record in UHV DC construction.

Since the bipolar low-end power transmission on June 27, Jinping-Sunan Project has transmitted 4TWh of power, a powerful guarantee of successfully delivering the hydropower from Guandi, Jinping hydropower units and Sichuan surplus hydropower in flood season, effectively easing the power shortage in Jiangsu and East China during the peak summer time this year.


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