Powerchina: Zanzibar Water Project Completed


On July 3, a final acceptance certificate was received for Pemba Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Zanzibar, Tanzania, indicating satisfactory completion of the works.

The project, financed by the African Development Bank, comprises mainly construction of water supply network for Pemba island, including drilling 53 deep wells, construction of 3 reservoirs and 4 elevated tanks, pump station, 134km HDPE pipes, etc.

In spite of various difficulties, such as mobilization of equipment/materials to the site and frequent design changes, the project staff managed to complete the works in a timely manner. They also tackled several technical headaches associated with construction of elevated water tanks, drilling wells in coral reef, weak foundation treatment, etc.

So far the water system has been performing well, supplying clean water to over 70,000 residents on the island, with noticeable social and economic benefits.


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