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Enterprise Introduction

Sinohydro Engineering Bureau N0.4 Co. Ltd, (hereinafter called as Sinohydro Bureau N0. 4), was founded in October 1958, subsidiary to Sinohydro Group Limited. It is a large scale state-owned transnational enterprise, integrating construction, survey, engineering, design, manufacturing and transportation. In addition, the Company has the special-grade qualification of contracting water conservancy and hydroelectric engineering projects, first-grade qualification for earthwork projects, and steel structure projects, second-grade qualification for municipal utilities engineering construction, housing construction, tunnel construction and highway engineering projects; in addition, it is also an I&E enterprise.

In the past half century, Sinohydro Bureau N0. 4, has undertaken and participated in the construction of over 70 large and medium hydropower stations, such as Gansu Liujiaxia, Qinghai Longyangxia, and the Three Gorges on the Yangtza River etc, and the total combined capacity is more than 20 million kilowatts. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese hydropower career. Along with the national construction of infrastructures, such as Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Passenger Special Line, Guizhou-Guangzhou railway, Wuyishan-Shaowu Expressway, Tianjin Boulevard; projects for diverting water from the south to the north. Tao River Water Supply project in Gansu Province; Ningxia Xixia Reservoir, ZhangBei wind power project and Jiuquan wind power project; Sinohydro has achieved a major transformation into diversified industrial development. The successful procurement of Nina Hydropower Station symbolized Sinohydro Engineering Bureau N0.4 started its breaking step to the capital market; then it vigorously promoted and developed the international business, and has undertaken and contracted a large number of hydroelectric and non-hydroelectric engineering projects in Ethiopia, Libya, Angola, Botswana, and Burma, etc. It has realized sustainable development mode with the synchronous development of domestic and overseas market. Business has begun to take a healthy development with Economies of scale, internationalized business management, professional production and industrial diversification.

In the past, Sinohydro Bureau N0.4, has always insisted on “human-oriented” talent strategy and has trained an excellent management team with innovative awareness and several professional construction teams With exquisite skills; at present, it has 10,537 employees, of which 5572 are management and special technicians, 279 senior technicians, 1279 middle technicians, 1210 junior technicians. The Company takes the management concept of “develop by technologies”, makes great efforts to research and develop new technologies. It has got more than 100 state-level and provincial-level research achievements and a lot of its contracted projects were titled the important projects awards, such as “Luban Award” ,”Zhantianyou Award” and “National Superior Project Golden Award”, ect. Sinohydro Bureau N0. 4, has powerful construction strength. It ranks 9th in China’s top 100 largest scale enterprises in the fields of dams, power stations, and dock construction, and also ranks 22th in the best economic benefits. In addition, it has grade A qualification of national railway construction and can meet construction requirements of different fields in one period.

The enterprise has accumulated massive historical and cultural connotations, in the past 50 years of development, such as “make unremitting efforts to improve”, “brave to surpass”, “five specials”, “glad to make contribution and brave to hold responsibility”, ect. It’s the strong spiritual power that creates more brilliant achievements.

It has got great achievements from the construction of three civilizations, that set up good brand for the enterprise. Sinohydro Bureau N0.4, has successively got many honorable titles, such as “Cross-Century Highly Quality Construction Enterprise”, “The Most Influential Enterprise in the 20th Century” , “User-Satisfied Construction Enterprise”, “Quality And efficient Advanced Construction Enterprise”, “Excellent Construction Enterprise in China”, “May 1 Labor Award” and “National Civilized Enterprise”.

The movement of heaven is full of power, thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring. At present, Sinohydro Bureau N0.4 , is carrying its development strategy of “led in the industry with first class management and great brand influence, exploit domestic and overseas market and repute in hydroelectric and non-hydroelectric construction fields” to make all efforts to move forward; we’d like to hand in hand with friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant future.

Lines of Business

With great efforts in developing and opening International market in recent years by Sinohydro Engineering Bureau No. 4 Co. Ltd , international market field starting from the African region, gradually expand to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe, such as Angola, Libya, Botswana, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Chad, Gabon and Iran, etc.

Current international project development field of Sinohydro Engineering Bureau No.4 Co. Ltd, ranges from housing construction, roads, hydropower projects to high-speed rail, airports, stadiums and various municipal infrastructure projects, and contracting project type extends from a simple construction contract to EPC contract, with a strong international contracting strength and integration ability of market resources.


Domestic projects

Jinsha River Jin’anqiao Hydropower Station

Project overview:Rolled compacted concrete gravity dam, the maximum height of the dam is 160 meters, total installed capacity is 2.4 million kilowatts, the storage capacity is 847 million cubic meters. The project is the first project launched by hydropower development at middle reaches of the Jinsha River.

Undertaken project:No.1, No.2 diversion tunnels downstream sections works, excavation and support of slope at left bank; cable machine platform treatment and reinforced support works at left bank ,civil works of main dam and manufacture and installation of metal structure works.

Yellow River Liujiaxia Hydropower Station

Project overview: Gravitational concrete dam: Its maximum height and total generation capacity are 147m and 1.225 million kilowatts respectively. Its reservoir capacity stands at 5.7 billion cubic meters. In 1978 got the technological achievement award and national silver award; in 2009 it was selected as top 100 classical construction projects of China.

Construction period:the project was commenced in September 1958.Its first generation unit was put into operation on March 29, 1969.The project was completed in December 1974.

Under taken project:The entire project.

International projects

Gabon Libreville Electric Network Renovation Project (under construction)

Project: Gabon Libreville Electric Network Renovation Project

Location: Libreville, Gabon

Type: Electric Network Reconstruction

Owner: Energy and Hydraulic Resources Department of Gabon Government

Supervisor: Electricity Office of Energy and Hydraulic Resources Department

Length: 130km (total transmission lines)

Commencement time: June 10, 2011

Project introduction: Gabon Libreville Electric Network Renovation Project, part of electric network renovation and upgrade of cities in Gabon, promotes Libreville to connect with surrounding areas. The project involves 3 substations, the expansion of two existing substations, 5 transmission lines with each total length of 130 km.

up to August 2013, Angondje new substation, buried cable pavement, expansion of Ambowe and Bissegue substation, civil and electrical engineering have been completed, and protection block installation of buried cable earth box from Alenakiri substation to Bissegue has also been finished. At present, the project is still in construction phase.

Tekeze Hydropower Station in Ethiopia(completed project)

Tekeze Hydropower Station is located in the north of Ethiopia, with the height of 188 meters, it is the highest dam in Africa with the total capacity of 9billion cubic meters, it is assembled with four–single–unit Francis turbine generator set with the capacity 75000 kilowatts ,its total installed capacity is one third of the total installed capacity of the country, called as Three Gorges in Ethiopia. Sinohydro Bureau No.4 undertakes the construction of main dam, sand mixing system and installation and assembling of all generation units.

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Resource Management

Manpower Resource

For a long time, Sinohydro Bureau No.4 has always insisted on “human-oriented” talent strategy and has trained an excellent management time with innovative awareness and several professional construction teams with exquisite skills; at present it has 10537 employees, of which 5572 are management and special technicians, 279 senior technicians, 1279 middle technicians and 1210 junior technicians.

Engineering Equipment

Terex LD Side Unloading Truck

Full Trailer

Terex 3307 Type Load-carrying Dump Truck

850kb Teris Spreading Machine

Concrete Spreading & Tampering Machine

Terex TA25 Articulated Vehical

Finland H-430-36 Type Bolting Machine

Swedish Volvo FM9/64 Dump Truck

450T rubber-tyred girder rising machine

900T rubber-tyred girder rising machine

TBM Excavating Machine

Finland Concrete Machine

900T Rubber-tyred Girder Transporting Machine

Perlini T20 Automobile

US. Carter Bulldozer

Hitachi ZaxiI850HLD Face Shovel

Carter 980F Loader

Atlas Multi-are Trolley

Hummer Vibrating Roller

Hitach EX1100 Shovel

Mixing Plant




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