China promotes solar energy in Cameroon


The Mvomeka’a solar plant in Cameroon’s South Region, the result of cooperation between China and Yaounde is operational following its inauguration on Thursday by the Minister of Water and the Energy (MINEE), Basile Atangana Kouna, official sources told APA.

With a capacity of 72 kilowatts (KW), expandable to 800 KW, the infrastructure which also has dozens of solar panels costing CFA 453 million.

Its commissioning should allow local residents not to experience the prickly problem of recurrent power cuts anymore, the minister said, explaining that it will supply the surrounding areas of Mvomeka’a, President Paul Biya’s birthplace.

We are very pleased with this achievement. It will provide us electricity in real time, and make us forget the power cuts we’ve been experiencing, the local authority indicated.

The Cameroonian government and the Chinese company Huawey Technologies & Co. Limited last March signed a CFA 53 billion credit agreement for the financing of the first phase of the electrification project of 350 localities in the country using solar system with a capacity of 500 megawatts (MW).


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