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Corporate Profile

Jointly invested by the State Council and major nuclear power groups, founded in May, 2007, State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) is committed to integrating top strengths in nuclear power industry to develop Chinese GEN III technology based on 40-year experience of NPP R&D, construction & operation, and the introduction and innovation of AP1000 technology, and promoting the establishment of GEN III nuclear power industrial chain.

On May 12th 2015, State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) was established through the merger of SNPTC and China Power Investment Corporation. As a comprehensive energy group that holds assets of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and new energy simultaneously, SPIC has achieved a total installed capacity over 100,000MW, 40% of which is clean energy, coal production capacity of 74.4 million tons per year (t/y), aluminum smelting capacity of 2.72 million t/y and railway transportation line of 504km. SPIC has its subsidiaries in 24 countries (regions).

SNPTC, now as a SPIC Group Company, has become one of three NPP developer & operators in China, a leading GEN III nuclear power technology developer, as well as an NPP EPC contractor and lifetime services supplier with nearly 13,000 employees. SNPTC has successfully developed CAP1400 with independent intellectual property rights,the largest passive PWR in the world and two CAP1400 units will be built in Rongcheng, Shandong Province. SNPTC is promoting the construction of world’s first batch of AP1000 units in China as EPC contractor and completed the localization & standardization of AP1000. CAP1400 and localized & standardized AP1000 have become the main choices for new round of nuclear power development in China.

SNPTC is also a leading consultation and design supplier and EPC contractor for 1000MWe level supercritical thermal power plants, ultra-high voltage power grids, solar and biomass power plants in China.

Main Business


Design & EPC of AP/CAP Nuclear Power Plant

Through the introduction, absorption and digestion of the AP1000 technology, as well as the participation of the AP1000 self-reliance projects construction, we have fully mastered the AP1000 design technology, established the unified design software platform and design management system, and the coastal and inland localized CAP1000 NPP standard design including NI, CI and BOP has taken shape. Through the R&D of Major Program, we have brought out the standard design of CAP1400 and CAP1700 NPP, and gradually realized the “one-stop” integrated design service of NI, CI and BOP of NPP.

Nuclear Power Equipment & Material Manufacturing

Fully grasp design technology of nuclear power key equipment, organize and coordinate to solve key technological issues of equipment manufacturing so as to assist domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises in developing the ability for AP/CAP major equipment supply. Develop the capabilities for the research and development, manufacturing and operation guarantee and service for four items, that is, canned motor pump and wet winding primary pump, nuclear class zirconium and hafnium materials, integrated CV, structural modules and equipment modules, and IHP, platform for reactor protective system and control system. Organize and establish independent, integrated and authoritative nuclear power equipment qualification system and national nuclear class equipment and material qualification and consultancy center from a high starting point. By providing market, technology and management support to equipment manufacturing enterprises and by various cooperation forms such as money and technology investment, qualified suppliers management, design platform sharing, SNPTC establishes passive pressurized water reactor series nuclear power plant equipment and material supply chain, dominated by SNPTC and with complete facilities, and a set of core competitive capacities in nuclear power main equipment and material design and manufacturing.

Steel Containment Vessel (CV): AP1000 CV is a barrier to prevent radioactive substances from releasing into the environment. At the same time, CV is passive safety heat exchange interface for ultimate heat sink and key functional equipment, together with air baffle and stainless steel weir installed outside surface of CV, for passive safety cooling system. CV is about 40 meters in diameter, 66 meters in height. Total volume is about 60,000 cubic meters and the total weight is about 4000 tons.

Structural module: seismic class 1 structures and a part of building structure. There are 99 structural modules for each unit and the total weight is about 2800 tons.

Mechanical module: the functional section of nuclear power plant system. It includes equipment module, piping module and is mainly located in reactor building, auxiliary building and diesel generator building. There are 58 mechanical modules for each unit, including 7 safety related modules.

AP1000 Integrated Head Package (IHP) simplifies reactor refueling operation process, reduces outage time, decreases personal radiation dose and enhances the safety of reactor refueling process. At the same time, IHP reduces assembly interfaces between main equipment of NI site and improves the efficiency of main equipment installation.

Reactor protective system and platform based on FPGA technology: New generation reactor protective system and platform is based on FPGA technology. Its distinctive system structure design comprehensively improves the safety, reliability, testability and verifiability. This new system will become the first protective system approved by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission with its own certificate and complete independent intellectual property rights in China.

Diverse Actuation System (DAS): DAS is diverse backup equipment of rector protective system. DAS implements defense-in-depth significant safety function and is an important equipment to improve the safety of nuclear power units.

Control rod control system and control rod position indication system: AP1000 rod control and rod position system divides power supply cabinets into mobile cabinet and selecting cabinet. By sharing mobile cabinet, equipment utilization is improved. Rod position detector uses parity coil, improving the accuracy and reliability. Drop rod test cabinet can achieve measuring rod drop time in real-time online.

Squib valves control device: As the critical equipment for controlling the ignition of squib valve and in view of its irreversible characteristics after being triggered, such device must have high reliability. Squib valves control device researched by State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company will be used in CAP1400 project.

Plant Operation Service

Build CAP1400 (CAP1700) demonstration project and develop soft-soil-foundation demonstration power plant. Through the operation of power plant, provide stable and high quality power supply, in return further improve the research and design capability, cultivate a well-qualified nuclear power operation team and reserve talented people for the follow-up power plants. Strengthen plant site development, strive for and advance the batch production and operation of nuclear power plants. Master AP1000 critical equipment NDE techniques, fuel loading/unloading and maintenance techniques, SG maintenance techniques, and equipment aging management techniques; provide nuclear power plant operation technology and service and develop a professional team. Gradually master key technologies, including nuclear power plant operation safety evaluation, equipment operation status monitoring, equipment lifespan evaluation, NI equipment maintenance and nuclear power plant technology improvement, to form an operation technology and service system centered on 3rd generation passive technology and fully extend the nuclear power operation service business.

R&D of Nuclear Power

Centered on model pre-research and development, targeting front-line, core, high-end and application technology, SNPTC is to establish a number of world-leading nuclear power disciplines with corporate characteristics, forming a condition with frontier technology development, core technical support and high-end technical service. To create an innovation platform which is accessible to the whole world with I taking the lead, SNPTC takes the Major Program as the mainline, establish “SNPTC” innovation system guided by market and based on production, study, research and application, train a world leading nuclear power research team and build a state level civil nuclear reactor research base, which helps “SNPTC” become an advanced passive nuclear power technology brand, better supports China nuclear power industry development, and facilitates the application and business of technology.

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute: Granted with first class engineering design certificate, first class engineering consulting certificate, first class construction cost consulting certificate, first class building intelligent certificate, containment vessel design certificate, pressure piping design certificate, nuclear pressure-bearing equipment design certificate, foreign trade and cooperation certificate. With 30 years of design and research practice, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute accumulates rich experience, trains a large team of nuclear technical personnel, and becomes a comprehensive engineering design institute with abundant technical strength and complete set of disciplines. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute has become a nation-leading institute in the field of nuclear engineering design and research. It has designed Qin Shan Nuclear Power Plant, won the design contract of Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Plant and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant phase 2 project, independently undertaken Qinshan Phase 3 nuclear project CI and BOP construction management.

Currently, it is introducing and absorbing 3rd generation nuclear technology and making innovations. It is also involved in the large-scale and advanced PWR Major Program. It is responsible for providing the overall design, engineering and technical service for Sanmen phase 1 and Haiyang phase 1 projects. In advanced PWR Major Program, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Design and Research Institute, as the design and research responsible party, takes lead in organizing colleges and institutes across the country to carry out the research and design work. Meanwhile, it has been subcontracted with the design of Liao Ning Hongyanhe nuclear power project and provides operation technical service to Qinshan nuclear power base and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. Besides the great achievements in nuclear projects, it has gained rich experience in the planning of large and middle scale industrial and corporate projects, civil architecture, municipal engineering, design drawing review, project surveillance and consultation service.

State Nuclear Power Software Development Center: undertake the task of Major Program research and development; make a development plan of long-term nuclear power software; focus on software development standards and evaluation methods, reactor core physics-thermal design and system security analysis software packages, development of nuclear power plant probabilistic safety analysis software packages (PSA), development of serious accidents analysis software packages, advanced simulation techniques and numerical analysis, establishment of nuclear power software verification and evaluation database; establish a development plan based on the core procedure of COSINE (core design and system security analysis integrated software package ). Key laboratory of state energy nuclear power software was approved to build in October 2011, treating State Nuclear Power Software Development Center as the main construction body, and aiming to promote nuclear power technology transformation and form engineered and industrialized nuclear power software.

State Nuclear Power Research Institute (Beijing):State Nuclear Power Research Institute (Beijing) (hereinafter referred to as SNPRI) is a comprehensive research organization to do the research into basic technology of nuclear power application, nuclear strategic prospective technology, software development and computer stimulation techniques, test verification technology, technical economy, information technology as well as nuclear power technology standard.

Up to now, nine special subjects of large-scale advanced PWR Major Program has been set up and entered into implementation phase, including three test subjects of CAP 1400 technology research and development, four subjects of major common technology, key equipments as well as reactor core and security research in material research, one subject of AP1000 technology digestion and absorption and one subject of CAP1700 pre-research of overall technical schemes.

In addition, SNPRI is also active in declaring subjects in the state, provincial and ministerial projects, such as the Major Program, “12th Five-Year” nuclear energy development project, “technical innovation and capital and technology research and development project”, “nuclear and radiation security regulatory program” and the like. SNPRI has also made a number of fruitful results in publishing paper, patent, technical standard as well as obtaining science and technology awards.

SNPRI will carry out the research and development in the future in nuclear power safety technology, nuclear power plant economic analysis and standardization, fuel assembly structural material research, nuclear software development, advanced technology of nuclear energy, application of information technology and other fields and as appropriate, develop the reprocessing, decommissioning and fusion related technology to broaden its research and development direction.

Construction Plan of the State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base

State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will be an innovation base equipped with high- level scientific and technical talents and established by SNPTC in response to central government’s “introduction of one thousand high-level talents plan”. It will become a platform of integrated “production and academic research”, nuclear technology independent innovation as well as international exchange of nuclear power technology, and a pool of high-level talents at home and abroad.

State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will form a complete scientific and research system as well as research and development team, committed to establish an international large-scale nuclear power technology testing base and provide a strong guarantee for Chinese independent development of the third generation and more advanced nuclear power crucial technology.

The establishment of State Nuclear Power Research and Innovation Base will be propitious to improve the research and development ability in large-scale advanced pressurized reactor crucial technology, engineering verification, cleaning energy engineering technology, intelligent power plant control technology and improve independent research management skill of state advanced nuclear power software, providing reliable guarantee for technical communication and training.

Survey, Consultancy and Design of Therm

On the basis of optimizing and standardizing the 1000MW-class supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power design techniques, we will master the new concept large-capacity power plant design technology and enhance the complete package services capabilities, including planning and consulting, survey and design, general contracting/project management, complete equipment service, lifetime technical service and so on. In the power grid business technology, we will continuously improve the research and design capabilities of UHV grid engineering, completely master the EHV and UHV AC and DC power transmission planning, design and project management technology. We will continue to maintain the leading position of technology and market to consolidate the occupancy and coverage of the domestic market and vigorously explore and extend to the foreign markets.

Thermal power engineering consulting: With mature capabilities and advanced technology, we have business scope covering various unit types, parameters, capacities and engineering conditions in China. In high-parameter large-capacity units, air-cooled units and cogeneration units, we have advanced technology and rich performances. We have accumulatively completed more than 380 engineering consulting projects, accounting for one twelfth of the total installed capacity of the National Thermal Power Project. Currently, we are carrying out the engineering design of the 100MW-class air-cooling and wet-cooling power units and the research on the secondary reheat technology of the 100MW-class power units. As the first company to carry out general contracting business in the industry, we have undertaken nearly 40 general contracting projects at home and abroad. The number of “Golden Key Award” and medals for National Excellent Project General Contracting we have received ranks the top of the national electric power survey and design industry.

Grid projects: The power transmission business covers the planning and consulting, survey and design, project management and project general contracting of 110kV ~ 1000kV EHV and UHV AC and DC power transmission project. We were among the first group involved in the UHV AC and DC power transmission engineering, and we completed designing the 1000kV-and-below voltage transmission wires with a total length of 22,000 km. We also carried out some key general contracting projects, including the general-contracting projects of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail wire rerouting. With the accelerating pace of “going global”, we have extended our international business of power transmission to Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil and other countries.

Other Clean Energy Technology

We will maintain the leading position of biomass power generation design technology and ensure the advanced level of onshore wind power and solar power design technology in the industry. We will increase the investment in the forefront field of distributed energy sources and other fuels for power generation, continue to broaden the scope of business and actively explore the foreign clean energy business market.

Financial Service

We will make use of the company’s technology and brand advantages to deepen the management of the company’s intangible assets and optimize the company’s business structure. Targeted at improving the company’s long-term profitability and risk-resisting ability, we will actively and steadily develop the investment income sector through various forms, including financial investments, strategic investments, and shareholding (equity) investments. The strategic investment focuses on nuclear power, nuclear fuel, key equipment manufacturing, nuclear technology application industry and new energy industry to incubate the company’s future strategic business.




International Cooperation

Ever since the introduction of AP1000 nuclear technology, construction of AP1000 self-reliant projects and development of CAP1400, SNPTC has been continuously expanding and deepening the cooperation with Westinghouse Consortium and other partners, in order to advance nuclear technology and satisfy the needs of world-wide nuclear development. SNPTC maintained sound cooperative relations with Westinghouse Consortium in introducing AP1000 technology and constructing self-reliant projects. Both parties have further deepened their collaboration in major projects research & development (R&D), nuclear sponge Zr, fuel element fabrication, joint R&D organization and overseas market development.

  • SNPTC has collaborated with Hamon (Belgium) in co-developing super large cooling tower for in-land NPP.
  • SNPTC has conducted sound exchanges and cooperation with Babcock & Wilcox and Tara Energy in technological innovation such as developing small modular reactor and traveling wave reactor.
  • SNPTC and its subsidiary State Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant Co., Ltd have joined World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).
  • SNPTC works closely with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and led the establishment of ASME China International Working Group (CIWG).

AP/CAP Nuclear Power Supply Chain

Through AP1000 and CAP1400 projects,China is achieving localization of AP1000 equipments manufacturing, as well as self-reliance in CAP1400 equipments developing and manufacturing.

SNPTC has established a comprehensive global supply system integrating technology, equipments and services.

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