The 6th International Distribution Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Expo


Date: June 29-July 1, 2016

Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing

Brief Introduction

In the new round of global technological revolution and industrial revolution,energy Internet has broad prospects and unlimited potential. With Internet thinking, advanced ICT technology, and energy power technology, energy Internet aims to develop distributed clean energy and renewable energy connection, which has become an irresistible trend of the times.

As the “Internet +” and “Smart Energy” have been incorporated into the national economy development, the construction of smart energy and energy Internet has become the only way for the future development of the Internet and energy industry. On July 4th,the State Council issued The guidance on actively promoting” Internet + ” action .On July 6th,NDRC International Cooperation Center and National Energy Board issued Guiding opinions on promoting the development of smart grid. The latter issued Guiding opinions on promoting the construction of new energy micro grid demonstration projects on July 13th.All of these documents pointed out the direction for the development of energy Internet and distributed energy. With the arrival of energy Internet, about 20 trillion industrial scale will be expected to cover the country in the next 10 years. As the important parts of energy Internet, distributed photovoltaic energy, microgrid, power storage, and smart grid will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity.


Approved by:

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China


NDRC International Cooperation Center

Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce

China Overseas Development Association

World Alliance for Decentralized

Energy (WADE)


Devis International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Overseas Cooperation

Delegation of the European Union to China

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

German Chamber of Commerce

Canada-China Business Council

Scopes of Exhibition

◆:The Great Image Display of Intelligent Power Enterprise Groups.


Gas turbines, small gas turbines, gas engines, micro engines, Stirling engine, lithiumbromide absorption refrigerating machine, heat absorption refrigerating machine, absorption water chillers, electric refrigerating machine, steam absorption cooling, space heating system, absorption air conditioning, waste heat boilers, heat pumps, gas boilers, valves, (heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, motors, fan and pump frequency modulation, noise, vibration treatment) and other auxiliary equipments;

◆:Distributed Energy Generation

Diesel generating sets, fuel cells, waste generation, biogas generation, sewage generation, geothermal generation, biomass distributed generation, wind distributed generation, solar photovoltaic distributed power systems, solar building integration, small hydropower distributed generation systems, gas and mine gas and other kinds of distributed power generation systems;

◆:Energy Storage Technology and Equipment

Compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, superconducting magnetic storage, flywheel storage, regenerative energy storage, hydrogen storage and storage technology and equipment for plug-in electric vehicles; Various types of batteries (nickel-hydride batteries, lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries), super capacitors, renewable fuel batteries, flow batteries, and other series of new battery materials, poly-silicon and mono-crystalline silicon batteries (including new nano-crystalline, dye-sensitization, organic battery) technology and equipment;

◆:Intelligent Control and Group Control Optimization Technology for Distributed Energy

Intelligent monitoring, network group and remote control technology, technology and equipment for distributed energy interconnecting access; Distributed energy research institutes, achievement units, engineering design, construction, energy-saving renovation and contract energy management.

Introduction of the Hall

Capturing the heart precinct of Beijing Olympic Green, China National Convention Center is right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony), the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) and National Indoor Stadium. The total occupation area is about 12.22 hectares and the floorage is about 530,000 sq.m. Sitting in the center of the Olympic commercial circle between Beijing’s fourth and fifth ring roads, CNCC boasts an enviable location. It is 2626 km from National Convention Center to the Capital Airport and is only 30 minutes drive to the airport and the subway station is connected with CNCC’s basement which enables people to quickly go to the city center, the airport, the Beijing Railway station, the central business district, China’s silicon valley Zhongguancun, and many tourist attractions such as Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City or Summer Palace. It takes only one hour from CNCC to the renowned Great Wall and Ming Tombs. There are more bus routes near the National Conference Center.


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