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NARI Group Corporation (NARI) is the largest whole set supplier of electric power equipment in China and is an active player in the global power industry. NARI is dedicated to providing technologies, products, services and total solutions for customers in other fields like industrial control, energy, railway transportation etc..

Many years of vigorous efforts have brought NARI to be a world-class industrial group with over 20,000 engineers and technicians; achieving revenue over USD 5.7 billion by the end of 2014 with rich current flow (EBITDA is higher than 20%). With its headquarter located in Nanjing,NARI owns 36 branch companies and subsidiaries covering power system security and stability control, power grid automation, relay protection and power electronics, transmission and transformation equipment, power distribution and consumption management, information and communication technology (ICT), renewable energy, water conservancy and hydropower, industrial control etc.. Among them, there are 2 listed companies – NARI Technology and Zhixin Electric. promising good image in the Capital Market.

In recent years, NARI accelerates overseas layout and develops international market, both making remarkable achievements. NARI has established 23 overseas organizations in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa such as Brazil Company and Indonesia Company. Our products have been exported to 83 countries and regions. Overseas contract value has increased from 97 million US dollars in 2011 to 600 million US dollars in 2014.

Products Types


Power Station Automation

Excitation System

FWL Excitation System

Power Plant Auxiliary

Dry Bottom Ash Handling System

Double Tube Socket

Water Treatment System

Renewable Energy



NC2000 Computer Monitoring Software

DAMS-IV Intelligent Distributed Data Acquisition Module

Wind Power

Doubly-fed Wind Power Converter

Wind Power Control System

Wind Power Pitch Control System

Solar Power

Photovoltaic Inverter 1KW- 5KW

Low Voltage Anti-islanding Device

PV Inverter Nari 10000TL /12500TL

Stability Control & Dispatching

Power Grid Security & Stability Control

Fast Analysis of Stability Using the Extended Equal Area Criterion & Simulation Technologies (FASTEST)

Wide Area Monitoring Analysis Protection-control (WARMAP)

WPSCS-1000 Intelligent Active Power Control System of Wind Power Farm

Power Dispatching

OPEN-3000 Power Grid Dispatching Automation Integrated System

Power Marketing


HV Relay Protection

RCS-931 Line Differential Relay

RCS-925 Voltage Relay with DTT Supervision

RCS-922 Stub Differential Relay

Flexible Power Transmission

PCS-9250 DC Electronic CT/VT

PCS-9550 HVDC Control & Protection System

PCS-9520 VSC-HVDC Valve


NS3000 Substation Automation System

Mobile Intelligent Substation

T&D Primary Equipment

Electrical Work Intelligent Network Training Center (EWINTC)


Arrester for A.C. Power Transmission Lines

Power New Materials & Applications


Distribution Automation

OPEN-3200 Distribution Automation Management System

NMC8000 Mic-grid Operation Control Systems

ON3000 Dispatching and Distribution Automation System


SEA-3000 AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system

Power Consumption Information Collection

Energy Efficiency Monitoring Terminal

Electric Vehicle

EVCPA AC Charging Spot

EVCPD DC Charging Spot

EVCR-ZC Vehicle Charger

IT & Communication

ICT Comprehensive Monitoring

Communication System


Communication OMS & Integration

Emergency Communication System

Emergency Command System

Uniform Video Surveillance Platform



Optical Communication Chip

PLC Chip

Industrial Control

Water Conservancy & Environmental Protection


PCS-9656 Arc-Flash Protection System

PCS-9691E Overcurrent Protection

PCS-9655 High Speed Transfer Device

Rail Transportation



Rail Transportation Protection

Corporate Governance

Innovate systems to fasten the transformation in development pattern;

Insist on intensive efficiency to continuously optimize the industrial distribution;

Insist on innovative drive to build high-end featured products;

Improve EPC ability to provide overall solutions;

Promote overseas layout to establish world-class brands;

Develop modern industries to construct into a world-class enterprise.


Engineering Services

Technical Advisory

Field Operations

Spare Parts

Solutions Types


Power Station Automation Excitation System

Renewable Energy

Stability Control & Dispatching



IT & Communication

Industrial Control

Rail Transportation


Guiding ideology

Closely focus on the construction of HV power grids and development of smart grid so as to promote R&D, industry development and change of operation management pattern.

Strategy orientation

To grow up as the internationally renowned provider of complete sets of electrical equipment and overall solutions available to global customer; to be constructed into a world-class internationalized industrial group by 2020.

Modern industrial system

Obvious improvement of internal competitiveness by 2015: The revenue exceeds 68 billion Yuan, and total profit exceeds 8.5 billion Yuan, with SSME income accounting for 20% and overseas income accounting 15%.

Basic construction into a world-class internationalized industrial group by 2020: The revenue exceeds 100 billion Yuan, and total profit exceeds 15 billion Yuan, with SSME income accounting for 30% and overseas income accounting 20%.




Yanzhao Jiang       + 86 25 81095018 (China)


Kuo Zhou          + 86 10 58387746 (China)

Renewable Energy

Steven Chen   + 86 13951685398 (China)

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