State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC)


Corporate Profile

State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), newly established through the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Central Government with a registered capital of RMB 45 billion and total assets of RMB 775.1 billion.

As the only integrated energy group in China that holds assets of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and new energy simultaneously, SPIC establishes itself with such industries as power, coal, aluminum, logistics, finance, environmental protection, high-tech industries, etc. SPIC has achieved a total installed capacity of 107.4 GW, 40.06% of which is clean energy, coal production capacity of 80.4 million tons per year (t/y), aluminum smelting capacity of 2.49 million t/y and railway transportation line of 331 km. SPIC has its presence in 36 countries (regions) such as Japan, Australia, Malta, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil and Myanmar, with businesses covering power project investment, technical cooperation, EPC and O&M Projects, etc.

Being one of China’s three nuclear power developers and operators, SPIC embraces outstanding industry chain advantages in the R&D, design and manufacturing of nuclear power components and equipment, as well as the construction, operation and management of nuclear power plants (NPP). SPIC is the main entity, major carrier and research platform to accomplish the introduction of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology—AP1000, and to build AP1000 projects independently in a self-reliant manner. It is the leading entity to proceed with the major project of the CAP1400/1700 large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and is the main entity to build demonstration projects. SPIC is an equal controlling shareholder of Hongyanhe NPP in Liaoning Province, and the majority shareholder of other projects under construction like Haiyang NPP and Rongcheng CAP1400 Demonstration NPP in Shandong Province. Besides, SPIC owns a number of reserved project sites in both inland and coastal areas of China.

SPIC has about 140,000 employees and holds seven listed companies, two of which are red chip companies traded in Hong Kong while the other five offer A-shares in mainland China.

Business Scope

  1. Legally operate all state-owned assets (including state-owned equities) of CPI and related entities that are invested by the state and owned by CPI.
  2. Engage in power development, investment, construction, operation and management, as well as electricity (heating) production and sale.
  3. Engage in complete and component of electric equipment supply, project construction and supervision, bidding, material distribution, equipment maintenance, R&D, real estate development, property management, intermediary service and other power related businesses.
  4. According to relevant national regulations and upon approval of relevant ministries, engage in domestic and overseas investment and financing.
  5. Upon government approval, independently carry out foreign trade, international cooperation, and overseas project contracting and labor cooperation.
  6. Engage in development of electricity-related primary energy sources such as coal as well related transportation.
  7. Construct mine-mouth power plants and large-scale coal-electricity bases, and realize cross-region coal-electricity integration with the aim of establishing the industry chain of coal, electricity, railway and port; selectively carry out coal-electricity-aluminum integration in areas with suitable conditions.
  8. Engage in other businesses approved or permitted by the government.


CPCEC – Certificate of International Bidding (Grade A)

CPCEC – Certificate of Project Bidding Agency (Grade A)

CPCEC – Certificate of Equipment Supervision (Grade A)

CPCEC – Certificate of Enterprise Credit

CPCEC – Beijing Customs Letter of Decision for Type-A Management


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Mail add: P.O.Box 2201,Beijing,China

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