China To Issue Feed-in Tariff for Concentrating Solar Power Plants


Recently, Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy Department, China National Energy Administration disclosed, China CSP demonstration projects list with total 1 GW capacity and FIT will be formally issued soon. The suggested FIT given by National Energy Administration shouldn’t be less than RMB1.18/ kWh.

Industry insiders report that China would like to add more Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) to its energy mix. To drive that growth, the country will issue a feed-in tariff (FIT) of RMB 1.18 per kWh (18 US cents per kWh). At that level of subsidy, CSP developers will surely respond. Industry analyst Paula Mints commented, “this is news because if China wants it, it will happen.” 

In her latest Solar Flare, Mints predicts that 1.3 to 1.6 GW of CSP will come online globally in 2016. Further, she said “taking the view that considers potential bottlenecks, slowdowns and the restructuring of one major CSP developer (Abengoa), an additional 6 GW should be installed by 2020.” 


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