GoodWe Launches New Smart Energy Management System


Chinese solar inverter manufacturer, GoodWe has launched a new Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) aimed at supporting Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and utility companies. The official launch of the GoodWe SEMS V1.0 system took place on 15th June.

What is SEMS?

SEMS (Smart Energy Management System) is a comprehensive energy management system which integrates different layers of communication, information and applications. Broadly speaking, SEMS puts every system component in an information environment that is interconnected rather than requiring actual physical connections. SEMS V1.0 will concentrate exclusively on solar power.

Why do DNOs need SEMS?

Large installations can affect the stability of traditional energy distribution because of lack of management, dispatch and forecast. The GoodWe system has the functionality to maintain stability in independent situations. Meanwhile, users of large systems have additional requirements about their power generation. They are no longer content to merely monitor how much electricity their system produces or whether it is working optimally on their roof.

How does SEMS V1.0 manage your power?

  1. Is already compatible with various batteries to store electricity generated from rooftop solar panels during the day, so that electricity can be used at night during peak-usage times. Users can use a mobile APP to control the flow of the energy and manage the batteries intelligently.
  2. Supports remote control, management and updates so that users can get immediate problem solving and the latest operating software. Also, SEMS V1.0 integrates a smart chip in its solar inverter to realize high levels of data transmission encryption. This ensures the system operates effectively and in a safe condition.
  3. Is fully compatible with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). MQTT is the important connectivity protocol “Internet of Thing” which supports SEMS to access and control smart homes. Users can manage household appliances, control and monitor their energy usage through SEMS. 

“Global energy is undergoing significant changes; we are in the era of the combination of information technology and energy systems. GoodWe is no longer just a component manufacturer. We are committed to building a Smart Energy Management System to manage the production, usage and scheduling of energy; to realize real-time monitoring, analysis and optimization via its data and cloud computing; to support free trade of distributed energy; to achieve optimal economic benefits and social benefits,” said GoodWe’s General Manager, Mr. Huang Min.


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