CGN Solar to set up PV power station under China pilot program


CGN Solar Energy Development, an affiliate of state-run China General Nuclear Power Group, will establish the first PV power station under a government pilot program in 2016, according to industry sources.

China’s National Energy Administration has set target total installation capacity of 18.1GWp for PV power-generating stations to be established in China in 2016, with 5.5GWp at ones which use high-efficiency PV modules as exemplary projects, the sources said.

In order to select the best project undertaker for the pilot PV power station with installation capacity of 500MWp via open bid, CGN Solar requires that energy conversion rates for mono-Si solar cells and corresponding PV modules exceed 20% and 17% respectively and those for poly-Si cells and modules exceed 18.5% and 16.5% respectively, the sources noted.

Competitors must also have already set up three PV power stations each with installation capacity over 200MWp in China during 2013-2015 and have had good track records.

Since state-run enterprises will be responsible for selecting project undertakers for 80-90% of the pilot PV power stations, the qualification requirements set by CGN Solar are expected to be adopted by other state-run enterprises, the sources indicated.


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