About Us

Chinapower.com.cn ( hereafter as Chinapower) is a leading Chinese online media and service provider which focus on the power industry. Sponsored by China Electric Power Promotion Council (CEPPC), the website was established in 1999. Ever since its formal operation in 2002, with the concept of “root in electric power, serve the public”, the website has been highly respected by all circles within the power industry, and enjoys a high reputation and great influence. Chinapower is the only website in the power industry that certified with AAA industry credit rating by the Credit Office of the Ministry of Commerce.

Relying on the experts from CEPPC as well as China Electricity Council (CEC), Chinapower deeply serves the power industry to promote its development. The great influence of its media authority has brought in enormous professional customers. By 2014, Chinapower has registered 148,500 individual members, 51,900 corporate members, 140,000 products, and released more than 2,520,000 pieces of information of all kinds. Chinapower is the most influential web portal of China power industry, and have won the “Top 100 of China Industry E-commence” for several times.

Chinapower highlights the practice and achievements, as well as quality service and advanced technology of China power industry. Its reports cover every aspect of the entire power system, from upstream to downstream, with rich content and various forms, and have widely accepted and praised by the insiders of the power industry. Chinapower is also an excellent media for all sectors of society to understand power industry.

Chinapower has established extensive relationships with related government departments, grid utilities, electricity generation and equipment manufacturing companies through various forms such as council members and member unit. Submission include the five power generating groups, State Grid, South Grid and thousands of power generation and supply companies of local power groups from several provinces, almost covered the whole country.

Chinapower set up 8 content blocks and 46 key columns, with nearly thousand daily news update. The website contents several sub-sites which cover power source, grid, rural power, nuclear, solar, wind, as well as talent recruitment, smart grid, planning and design, energy conservation and environment protection, technology, high-voltage, power information/automation/communication, education etc. Chinapower also provides multiple functional services for web users to learn and communicate, such as job recruitment, training, tweet, community, website, figure, data, membership, e-zine, expert database, video and search.

Chinapower provides many kinds of professional statistical analysis, and customized research reports, corporate development reports and integrated solutions, which help customers to make precise and accurate decisions. In the meantime, Chinapower provides a variety of enterprise propaganda services, including thematic column of enterprise, technology, product database, etc. Chinapower also devotes itself in organizing various off-line activities, such as forum, technical seminar, press conference, exclusive interview, serving as an effective media platform of corporate image propaganda, brand promotion and marketing of China power industry.  

Chinapower have hold many important meetings, including China Power Planning and Development Forum, China-ASEAN Power Cooperation and Development Forum, Power Industry Competitive Intelligence Analysis Seminar, as well as special seminar on smart grid, informationization, low carbon energy etc, with an average of 240 participants for each meeting. Those meetings have won unanimous praise from all the participants.